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Protect your Wetroom, Shower Area or Bathroom with a Fully Waterproofed Tanking Solution

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Lifestyle and shower technology has changed. Our daily use of modern high performance showers has created new demands on traditional materials. Property damage caused by water leaking through joints and moisture penetrating tiles and grout, are frequent problems in today's shower environment.

Joint Sealing

The Sealux Joint Sealing Kit provides a flexible and long lasting waterproof bridge between the BAL WP1 wall membrane and the adjacent ledge of the shower tray or bath.

Wall Tanking

The BAL Tanking Kit provides a flexible waterproof membrane that is allpied over the walls. It protect against mositure penetration through the tiles and grout and prevents water/moisture damage.

Sealux and BAL are different but complimentary problem solvers that integrate to offer a complete waterproofing solution when tanking walls over shower trays and baths.

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